Allow me to introduce myself.


With over 18 years of multi-national experience, my approach is simple – to thoroughly realize an organization’s culture and business strategy in order to define a fresh marketing approach, refined positioning, targeting and lead generation. Once the foundation has been set, I work with internal and external stakeholders to increase knowledge and application of marketing techniques, and ensure compatibility and sustainability with the company’s long-term business goals.


Hiring me will allow you and your company to put more focus on product development and overall operations. I will bring in specialized skills and expertise as well as provide an external perspective and viewpoint and assist you and/or your team with strategy, planning, branding, mentoring and execution.


Marketing Consultancy Vancouver

Marketing Executive

If you're not fully convinced you need to fully employ an executive marketer at this point of time but feel your company is ready for that next step, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss your needs, goals, and how I can support you and your colleagues.

Online Strategy Web Development Vancouver

Online Strategy/Website Development

A website is often your organization’s first impression upon a curious potential customer. I can bring a fresh look and feel to your website, ensuring your website stands out and works across any platform.  

Not only does Roland have a keen sense of where markets are headed, he seems to have a sixth sense about how consumers will respond to those markets.
— Peggi Peacock, Former Sales Director at Kineteks